About Anglitai

About Us

Zhejiang Anglitai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded at 16th, March, 2012. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested by Zhejiang AngLiKang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kaiyuan HengTai Chemical Co., Ltd and FRESENIUS KABI (China). Our company reveres spirit of “dedicated, fighting and responsibility” and operation tenet of “good faith, win-win and innovation”. And there is excellent working environment, brand new management mode, complete technique, wholehearted service. All these are basis of survival.

Our company has over 100 employees, including 55 with college degree or above. Main business is research, production and selling of α-ketoacids, including, D,L-α-Hydroxymethionine Calcium,α-Ketoleucine Calcium, D,L-α-Ketoisoleucine Calcium, α-Ketovaline Calcium and α-Ketophenylalanine Calcium and other bulk APIs. Our products are popular both in China and oversea market.

In addition, we have 5 kinds of production technology for ketonic acid with production approval. This project is completed under cooperation with German FRESENIUS Company, a world top 500 enterprise. Till now all construction and GMP authentication have been completed.

Zhejiang Anglitai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. would like to cooperate with all colleagues and create brilliance together. We expect to serve all users with best products and service.

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